Meet Our Team

  • mac2
  • Mac Lary
    General Manager

    I grew up in Southern end of the Willamette Valley and always had a huge garden on the property. I still have a very large garden in my yard each year. This is not only as a way to have wonderful fresh produce, but as a way to expose my two children to where food comes from. Our family has been instrumental in creating a school yard farm at the local school and have worked with educators to create a curriculum for the kids as well as a few summer programs. We’re been proud to be part of helping provide a source of fresh organic food to low income families through the school yard farm.

    When I was a kid, summers were filled with working in agricultural fields picking beans, strawberries to earn money. I would spend a few weeks each summer at a relative’s farm just south of Hood River. It turns out that the farmer we buy our apples from at Lewis & Clark, Sam Asai, has a farm next to where I spent time. I like to joke with Sam that many decades ago he chased me out of his orchard more than once for eating his peaches & cherry right out of the trees! In college I had a summer job driving a combine in the valley for many long hot days. I joined Bon Appétit in 1998 as the General Manager at Reed College. After nine years I transferred to Lewis & Clark College. I truly believe that food has a great impact on our world and I am very proud to work for a company that shares my values of sustainability and social-conscientiousness.

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  • Scott head shot
  • Scott Clagett
    Executive Chef

    Growing up in Northern Virginia, I started off working my way into kitchens at age 15. I have always loved great food and realized early on that I wanted to be a chef and travel the world cooking. The ability to travel to any country and walk into any kitchen and start cooking was the ultimate goal. After graduated Culinary Institute of America in 1996, I started the culinary journey that took me all over the United States, Europe, Middle East, SE Asia, S. America and the Caribbean. I have had some great chef mentors along the way, working for Michael Chiarello in Napa Valley, Todd Humphries in San Francisco, Charles Dale in Colorado and Gerard Pangaux in Washington , DC to name a few. My travels led me to discover Portland, OR and upon our arrival I knew that we had found our home.

    I started working for Bon Appétit Management Company at Intel Corporation in 2012. I did not realize at the time but the decision to work for Appétit changed the way I thought about my career. To be able to cook “from scratch” for over 5000 people a day is something I thought I would never get to experience. I am now the Executive Chef for Lewis and Clark College in Portland, OR and live with my wife and three sons in Hillsboro, OR.


  • Dan
  • Dan Sprauer
    Director of Operations

    Being a native Oregonian, I am proud to live in the Great Northwest. A Portland State University grad, I am also a twenty two year veteran with Bon Appétit. Starting in 1993 at the University of Portland, spending some time at Reed College and now at Lewis & Clark College, I have spent over half my life on college campuses. With two kids of my own, I appreciate the importance of healthy and sustainable food in young people’s diets.

    I feel fortunate living in the Willamette Valley and working for Bon Appétit who in conjunction produce and serve the freshest produce to help energize our youth. It is important to me that we as a nation get our young on track to eat healthy and I feel good that Bon Appétit is one of the innovators of this issue in our field. I know every day that we are supplying healthful, well balanced meals on our campuses and this makes me proud to be part of the Bon Appétit family. Working for Bon Appétit has helped me bring this philosophy home to my family.

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  • bonnie-266×250
  • Bonnie Von Zange
    Field's Dining Room Manager

    Growing up in Hawaii, in a family that cooks well, I had an early appreciation for all the good and diverse food the Islands have to offer: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Filipino and Hawaiian. Although I went to cooking school for a short time to learn the basics, and enjoy cooking for myself and others, what I really love are the social interactions in this industry. Bon Appétit gives me this opportunity every day at the front of the house! The Bon Appètit standards of sustainability, sourcing locally, and other important initiatives coincide with my own values and beliefs. It is rewarding to work for a company that reaches out to local farmers and producers to ensure their customers are getting the best and freshest product available. I have been in the food service industry since 2002, and have been a part of the Bon Appétit family since 2012. I look forward to many more years with such an innovative company.

  • ferguson_headshot
  • Caroline Ferguson

    Need help with a sustainability related initiative or want to know more about Bon Appétit’s national commitments to sourcing and operating as sustainably as possible? Contact Caroline, your regional Fellow. Read more about Caroline and her interest in food issues here!